Discount programme

Familia Discount card — is an additional bonus from a profitable shopping and is available to its respective cardholders.

Familia Discount card is available in the entire network outlets, and is intended to be issued for customers so as to provide them with the following system of discounts:

· Monday discount equals 7%

· Tuesday-Friday discount makes 5%

· Discount during the weekend is unavailable

The Discount card enables its holders to use 10% OFF when buying the products with orange price tags* and postpone the items they've liked till the end of next day. Besides it provides customers with an opportunity to return a purchase, its returnability valid through 60 days** in any outlet of our network.

* The discount on the Discount card is not cumulative.

** Returning the purchase one made without the use of Discount cards is available during 14 days.

** Returning the products of appropriate quality, non-counting the day of their purchase.