Russian Familia in the world

Annual results for Familia off-price network

2018 was quite an eventful year for our company. Primarily, Familia for the first time ever joined the RBC list of top-500 Russian enterprises and became the front leader among fashion retail networks on the annual revenue growth rate. We are genuinely proud of this achievement! Secondly, due to the well-coordinated work of both our team and suppliers, we have opened new stores in the established cities markets and opened up to some of the new territories. The launch of a store in Lipeck on the 23rd of November became the final outlet opening for this year. And as of today, Familia has 240 stores in more than 80 Russian cities and the total commerce area has exceeded 300,000 square meters. We have been establishing new stores almost on a weekly basis to provide city dwellers with a unique opportunity for a beneficial shopping experience. By the way, the number of loyal customers in Familia has exceeded 3,1 million. Meanwhile 800,000 among of them, at least, are making purchases more often than once in a quarter.

Finally, we have created the new Gold Brands zones in our stores that consist of items from famous and unique brands that are combined in one place with convenient navigation. The trademarks that are regularly presented in Gold Brands zones are Trussardi, Fabi, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Pepe Jeans, and many others. The number of stores that have Gold Brands zone is constantly increasing as well.

We are grateful to our clients and partners who favor Familia! We promise to work even harder to multiply our success and achievements in 2019 by introducing many more cities to the off-price concept!