Russian Familia in the world

The off-price concept

The off-price concept was established back in 1956 in America. Those years customers who wanted to acquire nice clothing at a reasonable price could do that in basements of large malls, where some discounted items from famous brands were presented. Quite often trademarks were producing goods based on the previous collections only for those special sales. As time went by, more and more customers began to prefer shopping in the mentioned «basement sales».

Today even wealthy people visit off-price stores with great pleasure in order to look for beautiful and exclusive clothing at a reasonable price. Besides all of the mentioned advantages, this «hunting» for fashionable treasures adds a certain excitement and turns basic shopping into something brand new!

The unique product range of famous brands, discounted by 85% is a distinctive feature of Familia off-price retail network! Only Familia offers that big amount of brands and trademarks, which are not available in other stores. The offering assortment is wide: it includes household goods, clothing, footwear, accessories, pieces of decor, school supplies, preservation and even items for pets. Thus, a well-coordinated team of buyers and suppliers are making their best to please the taste of our customers, to react on all the latest trends and to pay an actual attention to the requests of our targeted audience, not just to buy and sell something cheap.

Many questions arise about low prices on the offering goods. Primarily, it has to do with the peculiarities of our purchase system. Buyers are trying to cooperate closely with regular retail, to attract more and more Russian and foreign producers. A huge part of the company realizes that in a premium segment it is not quite easy to earn on the previous collections, even if it is only one month old. The system of cooperation with Familia allows our partners to save on the transaction costs, logistics and warehouse rent, by distributing products from any collections. Our clients receive an opportunity to acquire high quality, trendy and ingenious goods with the most profitable terms for them.

By trying to keep low prices, our company renounced having an online shop, online catalog, and home delivery. Daily sales volume in Familia is so high, that brands and models are switching very quickly. Some items are finding hosts in several hours after appearing on the shelves of our stores. With that kind of sale rate, home delivery or upholding a remote shopping catalog will affect prices and increase goods’ prices significantly. Therefore Familia betted on a large number of stores, situated in large shopping malls in different cities. And our network is constantly spreading, introducing advantages of smart shopping to more and more customers.